Enhanced blood textures fallout 4

Enhanced blood textures fallout 4

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  1. Lois:

    This is a HD Blood texture replacer, available in 4k, 4kPEFORMANCE, 2k & 1k, for the ‘Enhanced Blood Textures(EBT)’ mod.
    If you’re looking for a vanilla game/standalone HD Blood texture replacer, you want: Bloody Realistic – HD Blood Textures
    There are no .esp’s included, only graphics file changes, so no concerns and can easily be removed. Among many gruesomely awesome improvements; EBT replaces the single humanoid blood texture from vanilla, and provides 4 different patterns, randomly, in-game. So more variation to the blood you see. This EBT ADD-ON texture pack replaces the 4 random textures in EBT for HD highly detailed textures with true object lighting, volume, ripples & bubbles.
    Future Plans:
    -normal map ‘flow’ improvements(looking like blood has motion).
    -Specular map improvements
    -General polish
    -‘PERFORMANCE’ version added, includes 4k colour pallete, 2k normal map, 1k specular
    -Better blend into the environments colour palette.
    -Improved fade over distance
    -Minor improvements to colour map
    -Same kinetic impact…only more horrific!
    For the serial killer in us all, I present ‘Bloody Mess – Enhanced Blood Texture ADD-ON’, texture replacer!
    -A high quality, very realistic blood texture pack that captures the kinetic energy of combat.
    EBT is required and must be installed as per below.
    This texture pack has been designed to provide a more realistic ‘kinetic’ atmosphere to your post-apocalyptic raiding…I mean scavenging -the patterns look like high calibre weapons and grim melee combat has taken place.  Rather than the ‘droplets’ most blood textures provide, these textures look and feel visceral and high impact -blood pooling and arterial spray. Not for the squeamish!
    The textures themselves have been carefully crafted to blend well with the environment colour palette. Furthermore, when viewed closely, the blood appears vivid and extremely detailed, as you move further away, it fades to become perfectly blended into the environment.
    These textures work best with realistic damage mods, and realistic rag doll force. The patterns are designed to compliment each other, but too much repetition can spoil the effect on bullet sponges.
    Enhanced Blood Textures – is required and must be installed BEFORE this mod.
    4k Bloody Mess: You should install EBT with the following settings: Plugins ‘Experimental Plugin > (Plugin)HIGH, Alternate Default Colour’.
    1k & 2k: You should install EBT with the following settings: Plugins ‘Experimental Plugin > (Plugin)MEDIUM, Alternate Default Colour’.
    The other options are personal preference and not required, but can have impact on how the blood textures are displayed.
    Notes on EBT Cubemaps:
    There is a known issue with reflection ‘popin’ in the FO4 game engine that cannot be resolved 100% until the CK. Not everyone seems to be effected, so its likely due to certain graphics settings.
    EBT 0.3 has some optional cubemaps that effect the reflections on the Blood textures as follows:
    Alternate 1 – makes the blood highly reflective.
    Alternate 2 – make the blood appear to reflect the sky -has a bluish hue.
    Darker Cubemap – this stops the reflection ‘popin’ at expense of metal materials appearing slightly dull.
    1. Install ‘Enhanced Blood Textures’ by dDefinder1, following his instructions and mine above(don’t forget to Endorse his mod!).
    2. Install ‘Bloody Mess – EBT ADDON’ with NMM and select ‘yes to all’ when prompted to overwrite.
    Manual – Copy the folder into your Data folder. Allow this file to overwrite the ‘Enhanced Blood Texture’ when prompted.
    To un-install this texture, you will have to un-install both this mod and ‘Enhanced Blood Textures(EBT)’.
    If you just want to restore the normal ‘Enhanced Blood Textures’ mod: simply re-install.
    Bloody Mess replaces 3 graphics files , which can be installed and removed without causing harm to your game or save files. This mod contains no .esp plugin file and no need for FOEdit or TESnip. Its perfectly safe.
    ‘Silver/Grey’ Blood?
    A few people reported ‘silver / grey’ looking blood, under certain lighting conditions and camera angles. I believe it effects the higher graphic settings mainly. This is unfortunately due to the way the game engine handles reflections, pretty badly. Fear not, the mod community has you covered!
    There are 2 options to resolve this issue, neither is perfect given the limitations of the game engine(until the CK comes out).
    1. SLXJ’s mod ‘Better Fake Reflections’ mostly resolves the issue, and it also significantly increases the quality of all glass objects.
    2. EBT 0.3 has a ‘Darker Cubemap’ option that completely removes the reflection ‘popin’, at expense of metal materials appearing slightly dull. Still looks good though…who polishes all that metal anyway!?
    – Original Test Patterns (was too large)
    – Minus 15% Scale, just slightly smaller and more realistic, probably.
    -Vastly improved highly detailed textures.
    -Thicker looking blood pooling & nasty gore.
    -Improved patterns.
    -Better alpha blends into surface textures.
    -Same kinetic impact.
    -Available in 1k, 2k & 4k.
    -Now with murderous bump maps…see blood in 3Dimensions!
    -Bubbles, Ripples & object lighting like 3D objects.
    -Basic specular map, complete and working, but needs improvement(gloss and reflections).
    -Better alpha blends into surface textures, taking bump map into account(removed fake lighting effects).
    -Tinkered with the flow patterns in both alpha and colourflow(much more fluid effect).
    -Minor Improvements to patterns.
    BiG THANKS & all CREDIT! goes to ‘dDefinder1’ for his ‘Enhanced Blood Textures’, without which, this texture will not work, and I wouldn’t have had a lot of gory fun creating it! Be sure to ENDORSE ‘Enhanced Blood Textures’ if you enjoy this!
    NOTE: This is my first ever game texture! Though I do use photoshop quite a bit. It has been fun creating it and learning how this stuff works. I hope you enjoy, have fun 🙂
    Lovers Luxury bed – The LADY KILLER
    Lovers Luxury bed – The BLACK WIDOW
    Bloody Realistic – HD Blood Textures
    Bloody Mess – EBT ADD-ON
    Bloody Comical – Enhanced Blood Textures ADD-ON
    Vanilla ENB ‘ Enhanced’
    Little Bit of Green – some minor edits
    Vivid Landscapes  – minor edits
    Realistic Survival Damage
    Realistic Ragdoll Force
    Better Fake Reflections

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