Fallout shelter save editor pc

Fallout shelter save editor pc

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  1. Rodriguez:

    Hey guys, I’m not the author for the website. So unfortunately I can’t help with technical issues. :(
    Although what I can help with is troubleshooting and getting the saves to work becasue I’ve been using similar editors in past to play on my phone as well. And currently I have edited more than 4-5 saves for me using this website. They all work fine for me.
    @GrimReaoer44383 — In so far as making the game run slow is concerned — it could be because you must have added way too many caps and/or items, specifically lunchboxes. The max lunchboxes you should add is 999(I haven’t tested more than that, but at 999 lunchboxes it works fine while opening them, no issues. And don’t add more than 50 Mr.Handies either.
    Also if you use Mr.AntiFun’s trainer make sure to NOT USE THE MAX STATS, that will make the SPECIAL stats for the dweller to 99 each, which could also be a cause for issues.
    @SirValentin — I have no idea how to do that. Check the game options or something. Sorry about that.
    @adonis — It is working for the current android version. I have edited my 4 month long save for it to get some lunchboxes.
    However if you want there is another editor available for download by GitHub user: katzsmile (it’s open source): https://github.com/katzsmile/MrHandy/releases
    You can edit pretty much everything INCLUDING PET BOXES AND NUKA-COLA QUANTUM in that editor.
    It is a offline editor which means you will have to download it.
    I’ll test it up and update here(with screenshots) on whether or not it works.
    Will make a new save game for it as much current save game is way too big(150+ dwellers).
    Also if you want to contact the author of that website save game editor, this user made it: https://www.reddit.com/user/mobilesam_real

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