Fallout new vegas unified hud project

Fallout new vegas unified hud project

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  1. Lillian:

    pdate version 2.1
    1. Added support for Selective Fire mod.


    Many great mods are now out with lots of cool HUD icons and effects. They really enhance the gameplay and help remove a lot of the Pipboy hopping that slows the game down. But they all face the same problem in the game engine they use. The only two ways to add these HUD elements are:
    1) Replace the main HUD file with one custom made for the mod, which unfortunately deletes any HUD effects added by another mod.
    2) Ask the user to manually modify the menu xml, which a lot of users are uncomfortable doing.
    The aim of this mod is to automatically build a menu HUD file that includes ALL the elements of your favourite mods, without the hassle of manually editing xml files.

    User Interfaces currently supported


    Mods currently unified

    1. Primary Needs HUD.
    2. Grenade Hotkey.
    3. Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision.
    4. Ambient Temperature.
    5. HUD Extended.
    6. IMCNNV – Imps More Complex Needs.
    7. Powered Power Armor.
    8. Jetpack Mod.
    10. Flashlight NVSE.
    11. Advanced Recon Range Finder.
    12. Project Nevada.
    13. Selective Fire

    Compatible with

    Pretty much everything. As of version 2.0 this mod should be completely neutral with regards every UI mod out there. Please contact me if you find something you suspect is conflicting. But please do not ask me before hand. Try it and tell me.

    How it does this

    The Unified HUD Project fomod is a scripted installation process that adds a single (includes_HUDMainMenu.xml) file containing a list of all the HUD includes for all unified mods.
    As long as you deactivate, and then activate the Unified HUD Project after you install or uninstall a new mod, it will keep all your HUD elements working together.

    Reasons I made this mod

    I have a few mods with HUD elements, and it is one of the more common requests that I make them compatible with other popular mods. It is also one of the areas most often causing problem for people new to modding their games, and so I felt it was something that might be useful.


    NONE. None of the user chosen mods, and none of the automatically handled mods. Well obviously you need any mods you attempt to unify.
    You should install this mod using the Fall Out Mod Manager (FOMM). You need version 0.13.20 or later.
    Note to authors of mods supported by this mod. Thanks to MGE we have a banner that can be used by any supported mod.

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