Mod organizer fallout 4

Mod organizer fallout 4

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  1. Dodge:

    Thanksto Xuul for the video.


    – Hopefully fixed thread problems
    – Fixed error with bsa / ba2 file activation
    – HOTFIX – Possible crash when installing mod
    – Catch wrong password when logging in and give feedback
    – Manager is now working without valid Nexus login data and won’t keep asking for it
    – Position and Size of the main windows is saved
    – Sort order in mod list is saved
    – Option to prevent question to delete downloads after install
    – Implemented a handler to manage delete commands ( giving each command 10 retries )
    – Mod list should now always updating after mod installation
    – Added extracting of mod category from nexus
    – HOTFIX – Fixed bug when installing mods from file
    – Fixed some more problems with deleting downloads from the list
    UI Updates
    – Refresh mod list button not anchored correctly – FIXED
    – Minimum size for manager main window ( smaller than previous start size )
    – Height of settings window fixed to optimal value
    – Settings window can be resized but only width
    – Width of settings window from minimum a bit smaller than previous start width up to 1920
    – Minimize and maximize buttons removed from settings window
    – Fixed some anchoring in settings window
    – Removed minimize and maximize buttons from about window
    – About window changed to fixed size
    – Restored minimize, maximize and close button for mod solver window
    – Fixed bug in mod solver resulting in missing files
    – Fix Mod button now anchored correctly
    – Help button in mod solver now anchored correctly
    – Fallout4.esm can’t be disabled in plugin list
    – Downloads are removed from the list correctly when pressing yes on the question to remove them
    – Refresh button for mod list
    – Mod Solver; Preconfigure Mod Info; Color highlighting of recognized files and folders
    – Option to start F4SE if installed
    – Found way to prevent data node in mod solver from being unchecked
    – Changed title in login windows from ” Login ” to ” Nexus Login ”
    – Reworked big parts fo the code
    – Possibility to register application for nexus download button
    – Implemented simple download manager
    – Implemented update checks for mods
    – Implemented a possible fix for the error ” directory not empty ” when uninstalling mods
    – Mods can be activated / deactivated via the checkboxes in the mod list
    – Updated Overwrite Solver
    – Added Backup None and Overwrite None to contextmenu
    – Change logic how mods are installed
    – Mods now can be activated or deactivated
    – Files are chosen in the mod solver when installing the mod
    – Added folder strings to mod solver functionality
    – Added -log parameter to create startup log
    – Hotfix – Forgot something in 1.0.18
    – Updated Main Window
    – Added Options Window
    – Added Option InstallDir
    – HOTFIX – Stupid mistake on my side broke load order management
    – Fixed a bug in overwrite solver that caused an permission denied error to occur when overwriting files without creating a backup
    – Added support for bsa, esm and ba2 files.
    – Fixed bug in Overwrite Solver ( the table was readonly so you couldn’t even uncheck overwrite … lol awkward )
    – Added contextmenu with options Overwrite All and Backup All to Overwrite Solver
    – Added contextmenu with options Restore All and Delete All to Backup Solver
    – Tried to make mod solver a bit more failsave
    – Add a small help thingy to mod solver with an example ( may not be the best one XD )
    – Fixed a loose end where I rely on 7z to create a directory for me
    – Added several checks and error messages in case the manager couldn’t write to a specific directory
    – Added check for other registry values > Potential fix for problems
    – Added checks for broken archives in mod solver > Prevent broken archives from crashing the manager
    – Changed program to request highest rights available > Prevent permission problems
    – Small convenience update > iPresentInterval option
    ( Updates from 1.0.6 and 1.0.8 had issues )
    – Load order not saved correctly
    – when pressing Play it looks for Fallout4Launcher.exe and if it wasn’t found starts Fallout4.exe instead like previous
    – Another small hotfix > Load order not saved correctly
    – Another small hotfix > adding custom folders in the mod solver crashed the manager
    – Small hotfix > when pressing Play it looks for Fallout4Launcher.exe and if it wasn’t found starts Fallout4.exe instead like previous
    – Updated mod solver > small stuff
    – Implemented better backup solution > Two additional dialogs to backup files and restore / delete backups
    – Starting Fallout4Launcher.exe when clicking Play instead of Fallout4.exe
    which hopefully fixes the crash issue some people have
    – Folder when installing mods is saved and used for the next install
    process ( when you have all downloaded files in one folder )
    – Updated Mod Solver > Had huge problems with some Mods; Rewritten the extracting process – extracting is a lot faster now
    – Added question before uninstalling a mod
    – Added folders meshes, programs, materials, lodsettings, vis, misc, scripts, shadersfx to sResourceDataDirsFinal default string and Mod Solver functionality.
    – Added some security checks here and there to prevent runtime errors because of stupid reasons
    – HOTFIX > Update check made problems when nexus is not available
    – Updated Mod Solver > Added simple structure check ( supported music, texture, interface, sound, music folders and esp files ) ( see new screenshots )
    – Fixed bug in Mod Solver > Had problems with duplicated folder names in archives
    – Implemented Update check
    – Implemented simple backup solution ( only one level; no multiple backups of the same file )
    – Changed filter options when browsing for mods ( “All files” and “Compressed Files” )
    – Compressed files can now be opened directly with Mod Manager
    – Hotfix – Forgot to load custom sResourceDataDirsFinal on start.
    – Release

  2. Carlo:

    Firstly a little disclaimer: This is in Alpha and will be buggy and may not work for every single mod or computer system. My system is on Windows 8.1 and I have an AMD CPU and GPU.
    and I don’t own any part of Mod Organizer nor have I been asked to do this. This is just to help people who may not know what they’re doing.
    Firstly go to: and get the latest version (Top option usually) at this time that is Alpha 2 however this will change in time.
    You will be presented with a zip file once it has been downloaded, you’ll want to extract that to the Fallout 4 default directory and put it in it’s own folder. for steam this is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4. Put a folder called mod organizer or something like that into that folder and extract the contents there. Make sure it is the folder with the executable file (.exe) and not where the Folders like Meshes and Textures are or any B2A file.
    Once extracted to a folder inside the Fallout 4 main directory open the Mod Organzer.exe and voila you have the Mod organizer GUI open and you’re almost ready.
    Close down Mod Organizer and right click the exe, go to properties, compatability and then select the option “Run this program as an administrator”.
    I personally had some .dll files missing. if that is the case for you just google them and download them and then move the .dll file to the Mod Organizer folder you created earlier. I personally used this website: for my .dll files
    Now start up Mod Organizer and get to modding. If it is your first time using MO I suggest firstly modding another game to get used to the program and also following the tutorial.
    Even if your experienced follow the tutorial for a quick refresher.

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