Lookup failed fallout 4

Lookup failed fallout 4

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  1. Gabriella:

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  2. Solo:

    User Info: NomenNescio

    NomenNescio 2 years ago#1
    Since the new update I’ve been getting Lookup Failed messages popping up in my game. I’ve tried reinstalling the game, I’ve tried reseting the .ini files, I’ve tried starting a new game, and uninstalling all my mods. The only thing that seems to be making a difference is whether I use Mod Organizer or not. But since all my mods are launched through Mod Organizer not using it isn’t really an option. Maybe it’s a simple matter of waiting for the next MO ALPHA version to b released, but in case someone has a solution I thought I’d try my luck.

    User Info: Lucavi000

    Lucavi000 2 years ago#2
    validate your install
    “Doesn’t matter, still obtainable. You were wrong, simply admit it and apologize for your ignorance and s*** attitude.” – Firemage7777 to SuperZay

    User Info: NomenNescio

    NomenNescio (Topic Creator)2 years ago#3
    Yes. Because validating my install will fix a problem that redownloading and reinstalling my game wouldn’t. Validating my install was the first thing I tried.

    User Info: BigJeffreyLane

    BigJeffreyLane 2 years ago#4
    i have the pop up too, it looks to be something with the UI as far as i can tell. started a new Surv game todya and when near the vault 111 sink i see two choices, one of which shows Lookup failed, which seems to be keeping me from filling up bottles with water. (atleast i think thats what it does)

    User Info: NomenNescio

    NomenNescio (Topic Creator)2 years ago#5
    I already tested my UI mod, and it did improve the issue, but it did not fix it.

    User Info: H4RDC0R3V1B3Z

    H4RDC0R3V1B3Z 2 years ago#6
    I’ve had the “Lookup Failed” text appear on the loading screens a few times. Wonder if it’s only happening in Survival? I’m playing normally (not Survival) and haven’t seen it in-game anywhere. Could be an isolated issue with that mode, perhaps.
    Kill, loot, sell.

    User Info: NomenNescio

    NomenNescio (Topic Creator)2 years ago#7
    You could try to check your active effects, that’s where it turns up most commonly for me.

    User Info: kingcodebra

    kingcodebra 2 years ago#8
    I have Lookup Failed from the get go all over in my character creation(mostly just extras) and a few things in the workshop do it too.
    I use NMM by the by. I’ve done pretty much everything TC did and nothing changes for me either.
    http://goo.gl/aRfBup ~ by masterpug53

    User Info: NomenNescio

    NomenNescio (Topic Creator)2 years ago#9
    I’ve isolated the issue, it was a problem with Dialogue Interface, which has just been updated to fix the issue.

    User Info: kingcodebra

    kingcodebra 2 years ago#10
    Oh. Nice. I never would have guessed that one.
    http://goo.gl/aRfBup ~ by masterpug53

  3. Sophie:

    Search your PC for “Fallout 4” and delete everything it finds except your saves folder. Get rid of all the configs and caches and what not and just leave behind any folder called ‘saves’ or ‘saved games’.
    People think uninstalling a game cleans it from your system, but these days it does not, it just removes the actual game but leaves behind all of the configs, logs, preference files, cache files and a myriad of other nonsensical chuff in places like public/appdata/local/Fallout 4 or documents/Fallout 4 and more often than not the problem is due to an error that has popped up in a config file or a shader cache or whatnot.
    When I am forced to reinstall something I remove every trace of it I can find except for saved games. That way when you reinstall it it is a truly virgin install instead of a new install which just finds the damaged file and generates the same error or crash.
    ^^ pro tip, very useful when installing new hardware and you don’t want config files lying around with hardcoded settings designed to utilise your old hardware. I should have added that: when it started, I had to run my computer through a clean install. Everything was wiped from my computer, and I had ENTIRELY reinstall Windows. When I finally got around to reinstalling Fallout 4, that bug cropped up everywhere.

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