Курьер fallout new vegas

Курьер fallout new vegas

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  1. Gene:

    This armor can be customised by you, the player, in game with the use of some tools you can find inside the shack you find the armor in. In one of the corners inside the shack are some items. These items and the effect they have on your armor are as follows:
    Workbench – Allows you to fix up the Old Armor (Req. Repair 35) and Upgrade the Courier Ranger Armor with extra armor plating. (Req. Repair 80 + Comabt Armor x1)
    Paintgun – Allows you to change the decal on the back of your duster
    Scissors – Allows you to cut the arms off your Armor
    Glue – Allows you to Glue the arms back on your Armor
    Belt – Allows you to strap items from your inventory (Pack of Cigarettes or a Clip of .308 Ammo) to your Helmet, along with allowing you to add some playing cards if you’re feeling lucky
    Knife – Allows you to scratch a personal touch into your armor/take it off. (Adds/Removes “Benny Was Here” Scratch Text)
    Electronics – Allows you to fix/break your visor.
    You can only edit the appearance of your armor if you have it equipped while interacting with these tools. The Sleeveless version of the armor is 2lbs lighter than the Fullsleeved version, but has one less DT. Just like the different variants of the Courier Duster from the Lonesome Road DLC, the effects of the different variants of the armor are the same as those of the variants of the Courier Duster. So, for example, if you have the Caesar’s Legion variant of the Courier Ranger Armor Equipped, it will give you +1 Strength and +15 Action Points, just like the Caesar’s Legion Courier Duster would.
    As of version 1.1 I’ve added an extra decal – the Mojave Express decal. This is for those of you that the Courier doesn’t do much to represent his previous career after getting shot in the head.
    As of version 2.0, there will be no more additions to the modification system of this mod, so please do not request them in the comments. The scripts are already faaar too complicated, and I have added 44 new armor records to the game thus far to get this much. I’m done adding more customisation.
    If you have a decal on your armor when upgrading it it will be removed, you can paint it back on with the Paintgun afterwards. If you fix/break your visor or add/remove the “Benny Was Here” scratch text the strap will come off your helmet. Likewise you can just put it back on straight away.

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