Frost survival simulator fallout 4

Frost survival simulator fallout 4

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  1. Trisha:

    Picture the world of Fallout 4, only instead of centuries after the apocalypse it’s the time period just after the bombs fell. The overworld is still heavily radioactive and will quickly kill any unprotected human, so the few survivors remaining cluster underground in subway tunnels along with freshly-created ghouls and mutated dogs. The NPCs and story you know from Fallout 4 aren’t present, and there’s only a single quest: don’t die.
    It’s a mod called Frost Survival Simulator, and as you’ll see below I repeatedly failed that one quest. The mod is pre-alpha, though very playable and extremely difficult. It’s also pretty darn fun playing Fallout 4 with the story stripped away, some survival elements added, combat overhauled, and the challenge ramped through the roof.
    Naturally, my first inclination was to see just how deadly Frost was above ground. Since the mod starts you in front of a few doors, one of which leads to the surface, I take a quick stroll outside. It is a bit Metro 2033 out there, and I immediately begin taking a large dose of rads. I don’t die from the radiation, though, thanks to a bug that scuttles over and quickly (and explosively) chews one of my arms off.

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