Fallout new vegas the frontier

Fallout new vegas the frontier

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    The team behind Fallout: The Frontier has just released a new trailer for their massive Fallout: New Vegas Mod, which can be viewed above. The mod, which moves the action to the snowy terrain of Portland, Oregon, gives players entirely new environments to roam. The team says the landmass equates to 16 square kilometres (larger than New Vegas’ Mojave Wasteland), and features new weather effects that also affect survival gameplay.
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    The team describes how they settled on Portland as the game’s location:
    “Portland, Oregon was chosen for many reasons. I know some of you from Oregon may say, there is no way in hell that Portland gets this much snow and some location in Canada may fit better with the Frontier. While this is true, keep in mind that it would have been even harder to fit the NCR and the Legion that far up north with a reasonable explanation. Right now, the reason for a lot of snow in Portland is, when the nukes hit this location, a cloud of dust and ash went up and blocked the sun. So everything under, essentially froze over.”
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    The mod’s story sees you trying to survive the cold, as well as threats from the Legion faction and local scavengers and slavers. The team also says the moral choices present in Fallout’s official quests will play a large part in The Frontier’s scenarios, though they’ll be based around the theme of survival against harsh conditions. In addition to the freezing wasteland, The Frontier will also take players into space, where they’ll fight low-gravity battles on orbital platforms
    Fallout: The Frontier has not yet been released, but the FAQ estimates work is almost three-quarters done. The mod will require a copy of New Vegas as well as its four DLC packs, since the mod uses content found throughout all of them.
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