Fallout new vegas nexus mod

Fallout new vegas nexus mod

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  1. Annabelle:

    YUP – fully compatible and a must have. No actions needed.
    Project Nevada – fully compatible. Shares only 1 same setting. Load NC after PN Rebalance plugin.
    JSawyer Ultimate – fully compatible. No actions needed.
    Vicious Wastes – Difficulty Rebalance? – fully compatible, just make sure to use “No Agility” version of my mod (because this feature is already included in it). No other actions needed.
    Enhanced NPC Awareness – fully compatible and very much recommended. No actions needed.
    Cover Based Stealth Mechanics – fully compatible and very much recommended. No actions needed.
    Enemy AI – Tactics – NPC Healing – fully compatible. No actions needed.
    NPCs Can Miss – fully compatible and very much recommended. Shares only 1 same record. Load NPCs Can Miss after NC. Recommended version of NPCs Can Miss – “High Accuracy”.
    Super Mutant Overhaulord – fully compatible and very much recommended. No actions needed.
    After War Nevada? – NC and AWN share 5 same AI settings with different values. If you want my mod to take full advantage in terms of AI, just load it after AWN. But take into account that AWN is a complete gameplay overhaul and it’s settings were made for reasons – so it’s totally up to you to use my mod together with it 🙂
    Interior Lighting Overhaul – fully compatible. No actions needed.
    ELECTRO-CITY? – fully compatible. No actions needed.
    All “cosmetic” character overhauls (FCO/NV Redesigned/Dragbody NPC overhauls) – fully compatible. No actions needed.
    TTW – Yes, with some exceptions. Expaining: you can use the mod itself with TTW without any issues – it will work just fine. Just make sure to disable it for periods when you’re making quests and action related to Liberty Prime – changed detection AI settings may break him. In same way, it’s advised to disable mod before starting some quest-related actions related to sneak and consequnces related to this (Elijah ending, for example).
    These precautions are not related to this exact mod specifically, but to every mod that changes detection AI in any way – that’s just often not mentioned.
    Such things will [NOT] break your game itself, but may lock you out of some quest endings without realizing that. Thanks to Darthbdaman for pointing on and Roy for expaining this moment.
    Now you know more 🙂
    Quest/New land mods with “populated” encounters (AWOP, Someguy series) – compatible, but may lead to much harder combat due to more enemies attacking you. Be prepared 🙂
    Combat Enhancer – superseded mod. You don’t need it when using NC. Great mod, but often turned NPCs into mediums with sonars, also “cover-based” fight was impractical and in many cases just made enemies run away for no reasons
    MCV – Modified Combat Values – mostly superseded mod. You don’t need it when using NC. Great mod as well, but had some other unreasonable NPC behaviour values which often leaded to weird combat.
    No Neos – superseded mod. You don’t need it when using NC. This mod removed NPC dodge entirely – Nevada Combat implements this in more balanced way – NPCs will still dodge, but just much less often, which will still keep combat interesting from this perspective.

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