Fallout 4 script extender

Fallout 4 script extender

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  1. Cornelius:

    Fallout 4 Script Extender
    Авторы: Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel, and Purple Lunchbox (ianpatt, behippo, and plb)
    Версия: 0.6.0
    Совместимость: версия игры 1.10.26
    Основная концепция создания Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) – расширение скриптового функционала для игры Fallout 4 и для редактора Creation Kit. На данный момент F4SE имеет очень небольшой функционал, однако некоторые из этих функций могут быть уже полезными. F4SE нужен для работы некоторых модов, которые нуждаются в функционале F4SE.
    При обновлении
    – Обязательно проверьте и удалите файлы из папки с игрой если таковые имеются: f4se_1_10_20.dll (или более ранние версии).
    Установка:(только вручную)
    – Распакуйте архив в любую пустую папку.
    1. В архиве в папке Data есть папка scripts, берем папку scripts и помещаем в папку Data в игре.
    2. Далее в архиве берем файлы f4se_steam_loader.dll, f4se_loader.exe, f4se_1_10_26.dlll и помещаем их в папку с игрой (туда где находится файл игры Fallout4.exe).
    3. В архиве также имеется файл CustomControlMap.txt, этот файл может требоваться для модов, его надо поместить так же в папку с игрой (не в Data), но я лично не знаю таких модов.
    Запуск игры только через f4se_loader.exe (значок можно поместить на рабочий стол создав ярлык на рабочий стол из папки с игрой)
    – После входа в игру, нажмите паузу и в левом нижнем углу экрана вы увидите версию игры и рядом будет написана версия F4SE
    Внимание!!! (для игры начиная от версии 1.3.47 и выше)
    – В папке Data в игре создать папку F4SE, внутри папки F4SE создать текстовый файл f4se.ini
    – Открыть файл f4se.ini и просто добавить раздел [Interface] и ниже вставить строчку bEnableGFXLog=1, сохранить документ

  2. Daphne:

    Website: http://f4se.silverlock.org/
    The Fallout 4 Script Extender, or F4SE for short, will be a modder’s resource that expands the scripting capabilities of Falout 4. It will do so without modifying the executable files on disk, so there will be no permanent side effects.
    The xSE team has returned to try our hand at the next great Bethesda game. We have produced the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE), New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE), Fallout Script Extender (FOSE), and originally the Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE). We can’t wait to help produce tools for the best mods for Fallout 4.
    Now that Fallout 4 is released in the US we have started our work. We’ll keep everyone informed as to our progress.
    This is an incredibly early release, so please keep in mind that there is only extremely limited functionality provided by this version of F4SE, that we can’t offer technical support for it, and that literally anything about it can change in the future. This is being released primarily to test against a wider audience and hopefully help some people out at the same time.
    Fallout runtime 1.4.132: Use F4SE 0.1.8.
    – support for untime 1.4.132
    – more internal class decoding
    – support for beta runtime 1.4.131
    – more internal class decoding
    – support for beta runtime 1.4.125
    – internal tools updates
    – more internal class decoding (inventory, input, netimmerse skin)
    – support for runtime 1.3.47
    – initial game menu support and utilities
    – more internal class decoding
    – support for beta runtime 1.3.45
    – enable logging from scaleform. add bEnableGFXLog=1 to the [Interface] section of your f4se.ini. create it if it doesn’t exist.
    – hook global scaleform tint functions to allow interface mods to selectively modify tint colors/intensities
    – initial scaleform native plugin API
    – more internal class decodingBethesda has hinted that additional updates will be coming more shortly than normal, so please be prepared for another update on our end to be needed when that happens.
    Also, the embedded CustomControlMap.txt has changed again, so people using custom versions will need to update that as well (mainly by removing the up/down/left/right block).
    updated for 1.2.37 runtime
    – updated for 1.2.33 runtime
    – fixed crash when resetting keybindings from ui
    – everything
    – plugin manager
    – simple hooks for papyrus, scaleform, and the classic script system, but nothing useful for modders yet
    – customization of internal keymappings
    Copy CustomControlMap.txt to Data\F4SE\CustomControlMap.txt.
    Edit that file to set your bindings. The format is the same as Skyrim, it’s a space-separated file.
    The first column is the name of the internal keybind. The second column is the keyboard scan code that should activate the bind in hex, or 0xFF if unbound. Use google to find a table of scan codes. The third column is for mice, the fourth for controllers. The next three columns control whether or not a control should be written to the user’s config file. The final column specifies which input layer the bind is associated with – you will probably not want to change that.
    – currently-installed version of F4SE is shown in the Settings menu next to the game version
    – running GetF4SEVersion from the console will print the current version as well
    – log spam is written to My Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE\When testing the control map, note that many of the control labels in the UI are hard-coded. Changes to the control map will be functional, but might not show up in the UI. Also, previously customized keys overwrite settings in the control map. You may need to delete My Documents\My Games\Fallout 4\ControlMap_Custom.txt or pick “defaults” from the in-game keybinds menu.
    This is a list of DirectX keyboard scan codes.
    As a first taste we do have a BA2 Extractor to unpack the new BA2 package format of Fallout 4. Download it at: fallout4_tools_0001.7z
    It is a command line tool that will extract the contents of a given ba2 to a specified folder.
    Edited by behippo, 29 February 2016 – 11:30 PM.

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