Fallout 4 insignificant object remover

Fallout 4 insignificant object remover

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  1. Chrysta:

    I’ve been rather quiet since October 2016. A lot of unexpected life occurrences have happened in the past 11 months. There have been some tragedies in the family, some relatives are very sick and require care, and work has been very hectic. I’m under quite a bit of stress because of this and have no idea when I can get back to doing what I love, that being gaming/modding.
    About my flashlight mods:
    Earlier this year my backup drive containing all my unfinished models no longer reads. The files are still there, but access to them might be impossible. That doesn’t mean mods like TNR Shoulder Lamp and Tactical Flashlights will no longer receive content updates, but it may take a while before I produce anything significant.
    About my audio and visual mods:
    Some of my not so popular mods were broken in one of the last game updates and need attention desperately. I would love to give an ETA on when I’ll get back to work but given all the personal stuff that’s happened I don’t feel comfortable giving any kind of date. I’ll just reiterate that my passion for gaming and creating content for you guys drives me to get back asap.
    About console ports:
    I haven’t forgotten about you guys. Understand that sometimes porting a mod from PC to console can be a hassle. A lot of unforeseen issues sometimes present themselves, not to mention bethnet is very limiting when it comes to how a mod author presents their page. It’s like the twitter of the modding community, so if you want news it’s best to check my nexus pages first. If files get updated here, then expect updates days or sometimes weeks later for consoles.
    About users being banned from my nexus files:
    Maybe you were jerks, maybe my finger slipped. I simply don’t remember so I apologize if it was a mistake and you guys are once again free to download whatever you want across all my nexus pages.
    When I have any further status updates I’ll let you guys know right here.

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