Fallout 4 extended weapon mods

Fallout 4 extended weapon mods

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  1. Buki:

    File credits

    Gambit77 – created merged plugin and did further edits. Also author of some WS patches.
    DOOM – created AWKCR patches for weapons that were merged into the plugin. Also author of some WS patches. Rhino M1 Revolver, Desert Eagle .50 AE
    Valdacil – Help with item sorting keywords for dynamic naming and support from VIS.
    Amoveve – M82a3 AMR
    Billyro – Crecy, Regent
    DDProductions83 – H&K Ump 45, M79 Thumper
    Devon Hartman – Swan’s Axe
    Dhegonus – Parang Machete
    Doobot – AS Vector
    FF7CloudStrife – M9 Pistol, AK-2047 Assault Rifle, M2216 Assault Rifle
    Henkspamadres – Gatling Rifle
    InsanitySorrow – Celtic Katana
    invalidfate – Celtic Katana
    Junnari – G67 Battle Rifle
    Moniterman – M9 Pistol,
    Nonow – Mysterious Magnum
    Robtest – Mysterious Magnum
    skibadaa – IF-88 Tactical Shotgun, WH-77 Modular L.S.W
    thespaceman0915 – M2216 Assault Rifle
    TrickyVein – Crossbows of the Commonwealth
    Tumbajamba – XM73 Gauss Rifle
    Wretched89 – HK USP .45 Pistol
    Z06Frank – Glock 20 Pistol, HK G3 Battle Rifle
    Bundled Assets Credits:
    Alien Assault Rifle:
    henkspamadres and elgoes – All Credit
    Bear Grylls Gerber Parang Machete:
    Yogensia – Model, Textures
    Gambit77 – Plugin
    Dhegonus – Mesh port to FO4
    Crecy – Standalone Sword:
    Billyro – All Credit
    Crossbows of the Commonwealth:
    TrickyVein – All Credit
    Desert Eagle .50 AE – Standalone Handgun:
    Twinke Masta, Vashts1985, Racer445 – Original Model and Textures
    jackpack – For the Flashlight from his Weapons Upgrade Pack
    DarkFireGaming – For his Weapon Sound Pack
    DREADWOLF – For bringing this mod to NV and tweaking it for us all!
    Ryz86 – Texture edits/coloring/making textures compatible with DREADWOLF’s mod
    DOOM – Porting to Fallout 4
    Gatling Rifle:
    henkspamadres – All Credit
    HK USP .45:
    Models – Silvio Dante (base USP), Twinke Masta (edits and Match barrel), kaskad (Docter Reflex sight), tenoyl (LAM), Wretched89 (Port, edits and ruining it all)
    UVMaps – Twinke Masta, LoneWolf (edits), kaskad (Docter Reflex sight), tenoyl (lam)
    Skin and Normal Maps – LoneWolf (USP), Twinke Masta (Match barrel), kaskad (Docter reflex sight), tenoyl (lam), Wretched89 (edits and ruining it all)
    Contributions – undyne777 (Figured out how to adjust iron sights in FO4edit, Thanks man!)
    Insanitys Celtic Katana:
    InsanitySorrow – for Skyrim original mod (mesh, texture)
    invalidfate – Porting to Fallout 4
    m150 – All Credit
    LK-05 Carbine:
    Likon – Original Models and Textures
    Paul Yakushev – Scope
    BenderSKR – Normal Maps
    DOOM – Porting to Fallout 4
    M1911A1 – Standalone Handgun:
    Steel – 1911 Frame/Slide/Magazine/Silencer
    General Tso – Sights
    the_tub – Sights
    SureShot – Hammer and Grip Cut Edits/Grips/DuoTone, Style slide/Hammer and Magazine (and normal/spec maps)
    Stoke – 1911 Frame/Slide/Bullet/Silencer, and SureShot.
    DOOM – Porting to Fallout 4
    M82a3 AMR:
    Alexscorpion – Models and Textures
    Amoveve – Porting to Fallout 4
    MAC-11 Machine Pistol – Standalone:
    Kutejnikov – Original Models and Textures
    tenoyl – LAM
    DOOM – Porting to Fallout 4
    MAIBATSU’s Melee Weapons:
    MAIBATSU – Models and Textures
    DOOM – Porting to Fallout 4
    Menace – Standalone Sword:
    Billyro – All Credit
    Modular Kalash Assault Rifle:
    Models and Textures – Adept1993, SAM61 and Shizz
    Scope – Paul Yakushev
    Reflex model – Millenia (Textures by DOOM)
    Combat Scope – Geoset
    Double Drum Mag – TwinkieMasta, DarkElfa and Stroke
    Suppressor – Yaznee.
    Folding Stock – Frimenitnet and lafugix
    DOOM – Porting to Fallout 4
    Murdering Chainsaw:
    TrickyVein – All Credit
    O-Ren Ishii’s Katana:
    Yogensia – Model, Textures
    A Band Apart Productions, Miramax Films – Kill Bill franchise on which this mod is based
    m150 – All Credit
    Regent – Standalone Sword:
    Billyro – All Credit
    Rhino M1 Revolver – Standalone:
    Nester – Original Models and Textures
    DOOM – Porting to Fallout 4
    SCAR-LK Assault Rifle:
    Likon – Original Models and Textures
    tigg – Combat Scope
    fallschirmjager, sargeant bash – Scopes
    Shiban – Flash Hider
    Rafael De Jongh – Silencer
    DOOM – Porting to Fallout 4
    Scottish Claymore:
    Billyro – All Credit
    Skibadaa Weapon:
    Kaya47 – Boxmag mesh.
    Akanami – for certain meshes used in the IF-88
    Shortez AKA “The Brain Collector” – Magpul stock and handguard mesh.
    Skibadaa – All Other Credit
    Slaughtering Buzz Axe:
    Gearbox software – Concept and original design
    TrickyVein – All Credit
    Standalone Pipe Shotgun:
    Stefan Engdahl – Original Models and Textures
    mattsahuman – Porting to Fallout 4
    The Coonan .357 M1911 Pistol:
    Steel – 1911 Frame/Slide/Magazine/Silencer
    General Tso – Sights
    the_tub – Sights
    SureShot – Hammer and Grip Cut Edits/Grips/DuoTone, Style slide/Hammer and Magazine (and normal/spec maps)
    Stoke – 1911 Frame/Slide/Bullet/Silencer, and SureShot.
    DOOM – Porting to Fallout 4
    BrowncoatGarrus – esp edits
    The M2019 PKD Detective Special – That Gun:
    Escargot – Original Models and Textures
    Kelleth – help with the custom firing sound
    DOOM – Porting to Fallout 4
    The Serenity for Fallout 4:
    Billyro – All Credit

  2. Colton:

    – Extended Weapon Mods Extended –
    In the great mod by Akanami there is the “Assault Hunting Rifle”, but it is not obtainable.
    I fixed that by making it craftable at the Weaponsmith workbench from AWKCR and while I was at it, I changed the name to
    “Wastelander’s Rifle”
    When you craft it, it should come with the 5.56 Semi-Auto Reciever, no Stock, Short Light Barrel, Small Magazine and no Muzzle.
    From there, you can add the following mods:
    – 5mm Full-Auto
    – .50 Semi-Auto
    – .50 Full-Auto
    – .308 Semi-Auto
    – .308 Full-Auto
    – .45 Semi-Auto
    – .45 Full-Auto
    – 5.56 Semi-Auto (“Standard Reciever”)
    – 5.56 Full-Auto (“Automatic Reciever”)
    – no Stock *
    – Wastelander’s Stock *
    – Assault Stock *
    – Wooden Stock *
    – Advanced Wooden Stock *
    – Polymer Stock *
    – Assault Barrel *
    – Machinegun Barrel *
    – Short Light Barrel
    – Long Light Barrel
    – Long Ported Barrel
    – Long Combat Barrel
    Short Combat Barrel
    – Heavy Barrel *
    – SMG Barrel *
    – no Muzzle
    – Muzzle Brake
    – Compensator
    – Suppresor
    – Bayonet
    – Small Magazine
    – Small Quick Eject Magazine
    – Medium Magazine
    – Medium Quick Eject Magazine
    – Angled Magazine
    – Angled Quick Eject Magazine
    – Large Magazine
    – Large Quick Eject Magazine
    – AK Magazine *
    – Double AK Magazine *
    – Drum Magazine
    – Double Drum Magazine *
    – Iron Sights
    – Glow Sights
    – Reflex Sight (Circle)
    – Reflex Sight (Dot)
    – Kashtan Scope *
    – Short Scope
    – Short NV Scope
    – Medium Scope
    – Medium NV Scope
    – Long Scope
    – Long NV Scope
    * The assets for these attachements are made by or include assets made by Akanami!
    Everything else should be re-used vanilla assets.
    The Assault Stock and Machinegunner Barrel have also been added to the Hunting Rifle.
    Also, the UMP Barrel from Extended Weapon Mods for the Submachinegun was missing its mesh for some reason, but I included it in the download, so you should now be able to attach it to the vanilla Submachinegun without crashing!
    Extended Weapon Mods
    Armor and Weapon Keyword Community Resource (AWKCR) – valdacil
    Known Issues:
    Muzzles are stuck in the Machinegun Barrel
    Future plans:
    – more Recievers (.38, Semi-Auto and Full-Auto)
    – more Magazines
    – more Barrels (Akanami’s assets)
    – Leveled Lists!
    This is my first mod, so please go easy on me and give me some pointers.
    Also check out Galejro’s mod:
    Mauser 98K

  3. Wisnewski:

    This mod is no longer being worked on, and will not be updated in the foreseeable future.
    That being said, if you wish to use the files in any manner in your mod, please feel free to do so.
    This started out as a few added conversion receivers.  In the process, I went a bit overboard and wound up adding a much wider variety of weapon modifications. Some of the vanilla weapons and mods had their base stats modified in order to maintain balance between weapons. Each caliber change has multiple variants, mainly Rapid Fire, Armor Piercing, Automatic, and combinations thereof. I avoided adding mods that added straight damage changes, given that balancing them out would be a mess. The end result is a much wider variety of uses for each gun.
    10mm Pistol:
    Name changed to N99 Pistol
    Base damage slightly increased (about a 10% boost)
    8 .38 Receivers added
    4 .44 Receivers added
    Short Scope and Night Vision Scope added
    .44 Pistol
    Renamed to Pre-War Revolver
    .38 Receiver added
    .45 Receiver added
    Shotgun Receiver added
    Slip-Fire receivers added for each caliber. NOTE: Fanning only works in 1st person, if you play in 3rd person they will still fire in single action. Additionally, aiming while firing will unload all 6 rounds.
    Short Night Vision Scope added
    Reflex Sight Model changed to Pistol type
    Assault Rifle:
    Base damage increased by 30%
    7 .308 Receivers added
    6 .50 Receivers added
    3 5mm Receivers added.
    Stock perk requirements reduced
    Nuclear Cannister added (because cannons are cooler than catapults)
    Combat Rifle:
    8 5.56 Receivers added
    .38 Receiver requirements lessened
    7 .38 Receivers added
    .308 Receiver improved
    2 .308 Receivers added
    Stock perk requirements reduced
    Combat Shotgun:
    Damage increased
    Rate of fire for all automatic receivers increased. They now actually feel like automatics.
    Stock perk requirements reduced
    Full Choke added
    3 Automatic Receivers added.
    8 .38 Receivers added
    Reflex Sight Added
    Double Barrel Shotgun:
    Stock perk requirements reduced
    Damage increased
    Slug Barrel added
    Armor Piercing Receiver Added
    Dragon’s Breath Receiver Added
    Full Choke added
    Short Scope, Short Recon Scope, and Short Night Vision Scope added
    Gauss Rifle:
    Van De Graaff Generator added (Additional Damage vs Robots)
    Hunting Rifle:
    Very heavily beefed up (150% of normal damage). Vanilla, the Hunting rifle did 37 base damage. This is compared to the Assault Rifle at 30. The semi-automatic with a smaller caliber. Yeah, that bugged me.
    Also, the .50 cal receiver gives a larger boost. Because .50
    Armor Piercing .50 receiver added
    3 .38 Receivers added
    Submachine Gun:
    Damage increased to twice it’s base level. .45 hits harder than a .38 pipe pistol, even if it is automatic.
    4 .38 Receivers added
    3 10mm Receivers added
    Laser Rifle:
    Neutron Emission Capacitor added. (Additional radiation Damage)
    Laser Musket:
    Craftable Automatic Crank Capacitor added. (Lower capacity and damage than Legendary version)
    5.56 Barrel added
    .308 Barrel added. It now costs 400,000 caps to fire this weapon for 12 seconds.
    Pipe Gun:
    3 .45 Receivers added
    Pipe Revolver:
    Shotgun Receiver added
    .308 Receiver damage increased by 66%
    2 .308 Receivers added
    3 .45 Receivers added
    Pipe Bolt-Action:
    Shotgun Receiver added
    .50 Receiver damage increased by 66%
    Optional Plugins:
    Maximum Compatibility Version:
    Does not include changes to weapon damages or capacity. Does not require main file.
    Weapon Balance Overhaul Compatable:
    Avoids conflict with Weapon Balance Overhaul by Iron Rose. Requires WBO. Does not require main file.
    Shotguns For Shuenga:
    Optional standalone containing only the Pipegun Shotgun receivers. Does not require main file.
    Combat Rifle Plus Compatable:
    Avoids conflict with Combat Rifle Plus by McShooterz (or any other Combat Rifle mod) by removing changes to the Combat Rifle. Works as a standalone, but I recommend using CRP so that the Combat Rifle gets some new mods. Does not require main file.
    Compatibility with other mods:
    This will not overwrite other weapon mods added though other mods. Any duplicate mods will show. If you want to avoid this, open the files in FO4Edit, and delete the weapon modification and crafting recipe you like less.
    The same can be done with mods that edit weapon stats. Or just get the Maximum Compatibility version
    Mods that work well with this one:
    Realistic Survival Damage. Makes combat on survival and Legendary very kill or be killed.
    Weapon Balance Overhaul. Tweaks weapon stats to make them more effective throughout the game.
    Extended Weapon Mods. Adds more weapon mods for an even wider variety of toys.
    In L.I.E.U. (Leveled Items Extensive Unleveler). Unlevels all equipment items. Nicely compliments some of the lower caliber mods added, and makes combat a bit more interesting.
    Still to be done:
    DLC weapons when they come out.
    Removed Injectable Receivers due to them being mostly useless. Will add them once they have an effect more than 10% of the time.
    Fixed duplicate of the .308 Armor Piercing Rapid Automatic Receiver on the Assault Rifle
    Fixed duplicate of the .38 Automatic Receiver on the Deliverer
    Added Night Vision and Recon Scopes to Double Barrel Shotgun
    Changed model of the Pre-War Revolver Reflex sight
    Added Night Vision Scope to Pre War Revolver
    Added Reflex Sight to Deliverer
    Added Night Vision scope to N99
    Added chokes to both shotguns. Combined with long barrels or slugs, shotguns can get quite a bit of reach
    Added fannable Slip-Fire receivers to the Pre-War revolver. I don’t know why Bethesda didn’t finish making those, they are fun as hell.
    Added short scopes to the N99 and Double Barrel Shotgun.
    Fixed the assault rifle .308 AP receivers listing as identical to the default .308
    Fixed pipe revolver mods having messed up recipe lists and items.
    Added variants of most added mods and further refined the existing ones. All in all it added 62 more mods.
    Added a few unique effects from legendary mods. I’m keeping them tame until the GECK comes out, then I can add new models to make some of the more advanced effects make sense.
    Reduced Damage on Hunting rifle .38 receiver. Increasing the base damage set it out of whack, making it outclass everything by far. It’s back to it’s vanilla damage now, which is how the other .38s are based. (It’s worth mentioning that pretty much every .308 hits significantly harder to make room for making 5.56 stronger to differentiate it from .45. The vanilla caliber damages aren’t very consistent)
    Increased base damage of the Assault Rifle and reduced the damage dealt by the 5.56 Combat rifle. The 5.56 CR does about the same damage as the AR with a Hardened Receiver, ant the cost of reduced capacity.
    Added Shotshell Receiver to the Pre-War Revolver
    Added Mini-Nuke Canister to The Broadsider based off of the cut nuke projectile. Unfortunately, the projectile itself was too large to use (it’s a fucking log) so a Mini-Nuke had to suffice.
    Added a Slug Barrel to the Double Barrel Shotgun
    Name changed
    Increased damage of 5.56 and .308 barrels (.308 was especially wimpy)
    Reduced perk requirements for stocks on the Combat Rifle, Combat Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Double Barreled Shotgun, and Gauss Rifle.
    Increased damage and capacity of the .44 N99 Receiver. It is now a good alternative to the revolver
    Increased firing speed of the .38 and .45 Pre-War Revolver Receivers, They now fire considerably faster, making them more worthwhile
    Increased the firing speed of the 5mm Automatic Assault Rifle Receiver. It now feels like a buzzsaw.
    Slowed down the firing rate of both the .50 and .50 Automatic Assault Rifle receivers. The semi auto is meant to feel a bit like a semi-auto anti-materiel rifle, and the Automatic is meant to feel like a heavy machine gun
    Corrected missing misc items for 5mm Automatice Assault Rifl and .38 and .38 Auto Deliverer Receivers. Whoops.
    Added Injectable (Syringer) Receivers to the Revolver and Hunting Rifle.
    Reverted the Deliverer to 10mm, added .38 and .38 Auto Receivers
    Added Shotgun receivers to Pipe Revolver and Pipe Bolt-Action
    Added .308 Minigun Barrels
    Added 5mm Automatic receiver to Assault Rifle
    Added .38 Automatic Receiver to N99
    Added .308 and .50 Automatic Receivers to Assault Rifle
    Added  .38 and 5.56 Automatic Receivers to Combat Rifle
    Added 5.56 Minigun Barrel
    1.1, A.K.A This Fucking Combat Rifle Though:
    Returned .308 receiver to Combat Rifle. Since 5.56 had identical stats to the vanilla .308, it’s damage was boosted at the cost of a slightly slower rate of fire.
    Fixed the 5.56 receiver for the Combat Rifle. Ironically, it still fired .308.
    Reduced Gun Nut requirement for .38 Combat Rifle receiver to rank 3

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