Fallout 4 directx 10

Fallout 4 directx 10

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  1. Scharf:

    so what the diffrence between dx 11 and dx 12? DirectX versions aren’t magic bullets. Microsoft + NVidia want you to think that DX12 makes your games look and run awesome automatically. It’s ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦t. It just sells graphics cards and OS upgrades. It’s the same¦¦¦¦¦¦
    -Garry Newman
    Not really, at least this time around. DX12 will be the biggest upgade in DX since DX9 – it adds a lot of very welcome new features and abilities. Memory stacking for SLI for one, the ability to use 2 different graphics cards at once (not SLI) say your intergrated gpu doing minor tasks while your main gpu pulls the main load. Much better core sharing for CPU’s meaning much better performance overall – it wont be one or 2 cores at max load while the rest are not doing much…and those are just the things i can remember off the top of my head…
    While it will prob take a year or 2 before games take full advantage over what it can do, its a very significant step forward from DX9,10 and 11.
    As for F4 supporting DX12? I am sure it will support it in the sense that it will work fine in W10 with DX12, but in terms of it using all of the latest DX12 features? I doubt it. Its been in development for to long and will certainly use DX11 features but prob not DX12…

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