Enb fallout new vegas

Enb fallout new vegas

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  1. Dylan:

    ENBSeries v0.278 for Fallout 3 / New Vegas
    Added AutodetectVideoMemorySize parameter. Changed ENBoost memory manager by forcing memory statistics of the mod only to reduce issues with bad drivers. Fixed bug when ENBoost compression was always enabled. Added profiler statistics for ENBoost.
    Warning! To run the mod properly, enable HDR in game video options.
    Depth of field effect supported by external shader file enbeffectprepass.fx, i recommend to use Matso version of it, for example from “Skyrim Visual Immersion” which is available by this link: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/5587.
    This is just the mod with default preset, download customized presets and shaders from the forum or other sites.
    v0.267: Added string annotations to shaders similar to TES Skyrim 0.265 version. Added shadow desaturation parameter for detailed shadows.
    v0.263: Fixed not working key to free video memory and fps limiter.
    v0.249: Added accumulative antialiasing.
    v0.246: Added denoiser and supersampling for ambient occlusion. Added text with current videocard model for laptop users.
    v0.237: Fixed some landscape shaders to remove detailed shadow artifacts.
    v0.232: Added precision parameter for ambient occlusions to control noise. Modified shadows to make them smoother.
    v0.230: Fixed issues with “transparent” weapons in some places of New Vegas.
    v0.225: Ported core of the mod from Skyrim version, so now it support annotations for shaders, external lens and dirt effects, separated enblocal.ini file, etc. There are too many changes to enumerate them, ask on the forum.
    v0.216: Added memory reducing feature of ENBoost. Improved edge antialiasing.
    v0.194: Removed fix for transparency bug of some objects, because by uknown reason it not work for some users and makes objects transparent. Added memory reducing feature (like in version for Skyrin in ENBoost) via two additional variables in the enbseries.ini under [MEMORY] category, work best on NVidia cards, with AMD it’s much slower and not very effective against CTDs. Added borderless window features for both windowed and full screen modes. Added AddDisplaySuperSamplingResolutions parameter which allow to run game in greater resolution downsampled to current display mode to simulate supersampling (antialiasing), works only if game set to full screen mode, modify then resolution in video options to same as desktop*2.
    v0.190: Fixed first person objects “transparency” artifact when ssao or shadows enabled, improved quality and performance of ssao of quality -1,0,1.
    v0.184: Added ssao/ssil mixing types and ssao type, similar to latest version of TES Oblivion. Fixed some minor bugs. Removed ShadowBrightness parameter.
    v0.179: Changed shadow and ssao mixing code by drawing additional deffer texture, no more black shadows. Added interior/exterior variables to enbbloom.fx, enbeffectprepass.fx by request.
    v0.173: Fixed transparency bug for hair and some other objects (visible when ssao, shadows or depth of field enabled).
    v0.161: Added parameter to control detailed shadows intensity, removed their dependency from ambient color. Fixed issue with flickering weapons with some mods installed.
    v0.156: Increased performance of detailed shadows (and quality 2), fixed sun glare bug, scaled distance fade in fog (under SSAO_SSIL category) to make it looks properly at value 1.0 (i recommend to set FadeFogRange=1.0 now), increased quality and length of sun rays effect.
    v0.150: Added detailed shadows.
    v0.141: Modified ssao/ssil code, mixer of it and fading.
    v0.140: Fixed bug with additional configuration file, removed sun corona parameters and it’s disabled at all, because not work properly.
    v0.137: Added sun rays.
    v0.133: Added GUI for simpler editing, edge antialiasing, interior properties.
    v0.121: Optimizations mostly and some bug fixes.
    v0.118: ATI/AMD cards now supported, make sure ForceNVidiaCard=false is set in enbseries.ini. Added effects DOF, SSAO, but SSIL is not working in complex mode yet.
    v0.116: Added many per object control parameters to configuration file.
    v0.115: Bloom, lenz, eye adaptation, palette and post processing with programmable shader are the only working effects.

  2. Sanders:

    To keep it simple and short this is the 2017 edition of Nevada ENB (originally released in 2014)
    3 Years later I’ve decided to revisit Nevada and give it the, in my opinion, definitive touch ups to make it close to perfect – or rather closer to my original vision back in 2014.
    Not much has changed about the ENB other than minute details in the shaders and conifg. Performance is basically the same as Nevada ENB 2014.
    If you enjoyed Nevada ENB I hope you give this version a try and enjoy the game with it as much as I enjoyed making it!
    Simple comparison:
    Comparison between Real life, vanilla FNV, RWL only and RWL + Nevada ENB (1080p)
    Comparison in full resolution (4k)
    Installation Instructions
    Go to enbdev fallout nv  and download the file.
    If you don’t use the 4GB extender
    Extract to your NV folder
    Download the file from the nexus
    Extract on your NV folder and overwrite when asked
    If you use the 4GB extender
    Extract the files into the exes folder
    Download the file from the nexus
    Extract on your exes folder and overwrite when asked
    Go to RWL Nexus page and download the latest version. Follow install instructions and make sure to use the “FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting – ENB Full.esp” file
    In the game launcher enable HDR and disable Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering and Water Displacement.
    To avoid transparency and flickering issues disable the steam overlay or any other overlay like teamspeak, plays tv, etc.
    It should work as intended, when you launch the game you’ll see a white info text on the top left corner of the screen displaying the ENB version.
    When in-game make sure to set the brightness in the options menu to the lowest setting
    In-game editing
    To bring up the ENB menu in-game press Shift+Enter
    This will show the ENB menu on the top left corner of your screen, you can use it to disable or enable features from the ENB.
    DoF is enabled by default, if you want to have better performance or find the blur during gameplay annoying disable Depth of Field in the ENB menu.
    You can also enable Adaptation, which will make dark environments brighter and easier to navigate.
    Shift+F12 will disable ENB with the press of a key combination, so you can play the game without it or compare the vanilla looks to the ENB looks.
    I recommend messing with the brightness setting in the ENB menu to tailor the ENB to your monitor, not all monitors are configured the same and for some people the ENB might be too bright or too dark.
    For those having trouble seeing things during nights or on interiors, turn on Adaptation in the ENB menu
    If you have TTW installed I recommend you try using the F3 clear skies weather pattern through console commands “fw 5cf9c”
    If you want more performance you can disable Ambient Occlusion and Depth of Field in the ENB menu
    I recommend running the game at 1440p, as it’s what the ENB was tested at and the resolution the DOF was customised for.
    Full Nevada ENB flickr Album

  3. Jangjoon:

    Rudy ENB
    abon75 (ЛС/PM)
    Все файлы abon75
    Автор: rudy102
    Версия: 1.02
    Распространение: Ни при каких условиях
    Обсуждение Fallout: New Vegas на форуме игры.
    Добавлено: 11 Мая 2014 в 19:45
    Просмотров: 34063 | Загрузок: 5830 | Комментарии: 57
    Понравилось: 74 пользователям
    Rudy102 давно играет в New Vegas и решил освежить его, создав Rudy ENB. В архиве находится ENB-пресет и погодный плагин. Автор внес несколько изменений в стандартную погоду и погоду во всех 4-х DLC: Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road. Есть версия, которая затрагивает только стандартнуюную погоду. Если будете использовать ENB вместе с Nevada Skies или Project Reality, не подключайте погодный плагин. Если же Nevad-ы и Reality у вас нет, то автор настоятельно рекомендует пользоваться ENB в паре с плагином.
    1. Отключите в лаунчере Water Displacement, сглаживание и анизотропную фильтрацию, убедитесь, что включен эффект HDR.
    2. Распакуйте содержимое папки Main из архива в корневую папку, то есть в New Vegas папку (где расположен FalloutNV.exe). Активируйте ArchiveInvalidation.
    3. В FOMM подключите WEATHER RUDY ENB.esp и расположите в самом конце. Но не подключайте WEATHER RUDY ENB.esp вместе с другими погодными модами, вероятнее всего они конфликтуют.
    4. Папку Optional используйте по желанию, в ней находятся следующие подпапки:
    !!! Alternative Enblensmask by Stallfish – альтернативный enblensmask.png, меняет качество, структуру и цвет бликов от источников света.
    !!! Better Performance ini – опциональный файл настроек, улучшающий производительность ENB.
    !!! ESP file with some kind of fix for nightvision – опциональная версия погодного плагина для тех, у кого неприятности с видимостью с медпрепаратом Кошеглаз.
    !!! ESP plugin – no DLC required – опциональная версия погодного плагина, не требующая DLC.
    Если хотите более темные интерьеры, в enbeffect.fx выставьте в переменной EBrightnessV2Interior значение 0.35 или 0.3 . Для усиления эффекта Depth of Field в enbeffectprepass.fx в MaxDepthOfFieldQuality выставьте 5, по умолчанию должно быть 2 .
    Изменяйте параметры ENB через файл настроек enbseries.ini или прямо в игре, нажав Shift + Enter. Можно включать/отключать ENB в игре комбинацией клавиш Shift + F12.
    Демонстрация Rudy ENB:

    Для скачивания необходима авторизация
    Скриншоты | Images

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