Batch file all the junk мод для fallout 4

Batch file all the junk мод для fallout 4

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  1. Luce:

    What, Why, & How?
    While waiting for the modding scene to mature, DLC to finish releasing, and Bethesda to slow down with there aggressive patching of Fallout 4; I’ve been decorating my Settlements the old fashioned way… That means placing things by hand -very carefully- and then murdering Settlers with extreme prejudice whenever the f*** up my decoration. Anyways, during lengthy building/modding sessions items are automatically scrapped to create raw materials for whatever you’re building. I don’t know what the order/priority is for automated scrapping of items, but I do know that “rare” junk that I like to use to decorate has disappeared during building or modding sessions. There are even some items that you can only find in very specific places. So to make my decorating easier and to see what kind of items I have to work with in the first place, I’ve made gargantuan bat file that adds one of every single junk item in the game (and it’s DLC’s) to your inventory.
    550’ish Junk items to be more precise.
    All of the unique junk parts that are quest-specific should be removed as of v1.1. This isn’t intended as some sort of cheat code for free materials, only to see exactly what type of junk is actually available and be able to view it in the game itself. Some people never knew there were clean versions of chrome coffee pots, vase with live flowers, credit cards, and all sorts of other nick-knacks you rarely ever find. If you want more of a specific item then look it’s name up through the command console and add more of that item to your inventory. If you just want the raw materials I’ve included a second Batch File that will give you 100 of each raw material instead. There are existing batch files that add a lot more than that at a once, but adding 1000 of each material simultaneously is a bit of a nuclear option.
    How to Use
    Download the “Junk & Materials” archive and extract it. Then place the “Alljunk” and “Materials” text documents into your main Fallout 4 directory – the same place the games .exe launcher,screenshots, and FO4SE (if you use it) are located. To be even more brutal specific, you *do not* place this inside the Data folder. Anyways, load up the game, open the command console, and simply type in “bat Alljunk” or “bat Materials” and hit Enter. Around 550 items will instantly be added to your inventory. Probably best to do this at a settlement near a workbench or some sort of container. Unless you’ve modded junk to be weightless it will instantly over encumber your character by over 1000.
    Load Order
    If you want the DLC junk items to be added to your inventory, your plugins need to be in the load order below. If not then the actual ID codes will be incorrect. If you don’t have the DLC’s then it’s not a problem. The DLC junk won’t be added and the game will just say it can’t find any items with those codes in the console.

    Errors & Updates
    If you find any incorrect item codes or find any items I missed – please let me know in the comments section. I’ll update the list as needed.

  2. Hiro:

    tgm – Режим бога (неуязвимость)
    tcl – Прохождение сквозь стены, игнорирование гравитации
    player.setlevel Установить уровень игрока, где # — желаемый уровень
    player.modav Установить уровень навыка, где skillID — номер навыка, а # — желаемый уровень
    tmm 1 — Открыть всю карту. Помечает в Pip-Boy все локации
    unlock — Открыть любую дверь или терминал, на который направлен курсор игрока
    player.additem Добавить предмет в инвентарь, где itemID — номер предмета, # — количество
    player.placeatme Добавить неигрового персонажа возле игрока
    tai — Выключить/включить искусственный интеллект неигровых персонажей
    tcai — Выключить/включить боевой искусственный интеллект врагов
    tdetect — Выключить/включить систему определения игроков неигровыми персонажами
    killall — Убить всех возле игроков. Не влияет на компаньонов и важных сюжетных персонажей
    kill — Убить одного врага, где targetID — номер врага
    resurrect — Оживить одного врага, где targetID — номер врага
    tfc — Свободная камера с отключением пользовательского интерфейса
    tm — Выключить/включить пользовательский интерфейс
    caqs — Выполнить все квесты сюжетной линии
    setgs fjumpheightmin — Настроить высоту прыжка, где # — высота
    player.setav speedmult — Быстрый бег, где # — скорость бега
    player.setav carryweight — Изменить переносимый вес, где # — размер веса
    setscale — Увеличить размер персонажа игрока или неигрового персонажа. Значения можно вводить от 1 до 10
    set timescale to

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